New Products


Exhibitor:      Zimmerman Marine, Inc.                               

Product:        Hydraulic Trailer

Description: New Hydraulic trailer in our Mathews, VA, (Mobjack Bay) location can haul Catamarans up to 24 feet wide (in phase 1 and 30 feet wide in phase 2) and mono-hulls to 100,000 pounds and 64 feet long.

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Exhibitor:     All Docked Up                            

Product:       All Docked Up App

Description: At All Docked Up, our mission is to make boating easier for all. We offer an easy to use platform to help connect boaters with trusted local service providers, as well as premium content and resources to help boaters enjoy their passion to the fullest.


Exhibitor:      SEABOB                   

Product:       SEABOB Jet

Description: Experience vast open spaces and pure freedom with the SEABOB-Jet. Now you can actually move through the water like a fish. Freely, both on the surface and at depth. At the same time, the SEABOB is completely environmentally friendly when in its element. It zooms powerfully and almost silently through the water.


Exhibitor:      Bearon Aquatics       

Product:  Services      

Description: Bearon Aquatics is a manufacturer of fountains, aerators, and ice eaters. They offer the most reliable, energy efficient and cost-saving products on the market.


Exhibitor:      Verge Yacht Design       

Product:    Interior Design

Description:Verge is a full-service interior design firm providing customized interiors for new builds and refits of all sizes. Stop by C2 & C4 and see how Verge can bring your space to life! 


Exhibitor:      Western Branch Diesel      

Product:  Services

Description: At Western Branch Diesel we know that your business depends on flawless performance. With 11 locations across five states, we have the parts, services, and solutions for every application and every task.


Exhibitor:      Sterling Power USA       

Product:  Services

Description: Whether you’re a recreational or professional consumer, we can help with your battery charging and condition needs. Sterling Power USA specializes in Marine, RV, and Industrial battery charging solutions. Our marine grade products like our new ProCharge Ultra Marine Grade Battery Charger provide award winning, high performance battery charging solutions.


Exhibitor:      X Shore      

Product:  Electric Boat X-8 Boat

Description:Equipped with first-class technology, Eelex 8000 will take your boating adventures to the next level. With the X Shore app, Garmin MARQ watch, and over-the-air updates, the latest software and features are always at your fingertips. The app functions both as a remote key and your seafaring assistant, constantly processing and reporting on incoming data—speed, charging status, available range, pumps, and more.