2022 Door Prizes

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Unframed Jay Fleming Photograph

Sponsored by Jay Fleming Photography

Win a beautiful photograph of the Thomas Point Light house on the Chesapeake Bay.

Beginning under the tutelage of his father, former National Geographic staff photographer, Jay naturally developed a photographic style and identity all his own. Through experimentation, an incredible amount of patience & preparation, and countless hours spent researching potential photo opportunities, Jay began to capture such awe-inspiring photographs on his own.





POP Board Co.

POP Board Co. Paddleboard Royal Hawaiian Mint/Black inflatable Paddleboard

Includes a 3 piece adjustable paddle, dual action and reversible hand pump, universal single fin, leash, and backpack with wheels. The board inflates to 15 psi, weighs only 24 pounds and will support a rider weighing up to 300 pounds. It measures 10’6” X 30” X 6. Both beginners and experts love this board! Brought to you by POP Paddleboards and My Sports Craze, Grasonville, MD. 




Nettle Net Boat Pool

No jellyfish! Create a Jellyfish free swim area off your boat or dock in minutes with this 12′ boat pool! Nettle Net BOAT POOLS are portable pools that enable you to swim in jellyfish infested waters and not get stung. Thousands of swimmers have been using our high quality pools for more than 30 years. Durable and simple to use, Boat Pools multiply your summer fun.



Weems CLASSIC 7×50 binoculars (Model BN40)

Sponsored by Weems & Plath

These waterproof Weems CLASSIC 7×50 binoculars (Model BN40) are built to exceed military specifications with excellent lowlight capabilities and high resolution. They are fitted with Porro prisms for superior optical performance and flat-field, high-density lenses that produce edge-to-edge sharpness and produce brighter images than other binoculars on the market. Includes soft black case, padded neck strap and lens covers.