Vacation Basin Exhibitors

Dedicated to chartering, travel, vacations and charter boat ownership in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the Chesapeake Bay.

Boat show enthusiasts browse among dozens of charter companies, speak with tourism boards, explore fractional ownership, take advantage of boat show discounts, win valuable vacation-oriented door prizes, and explore adventure travel and exotic destination resorts.

Learn about yacht ownership opportunities in Vacation Basin!  Invest in the sailing lifestyle with no out-of-pocket expense. Sound impossible? 

Once the down payment is made, an owner should be able to enjoy free sailing, sell the yacht at the end of five years, and come out cash positive. Or, consider enrolling in a secondary charter market and receive an annual return on your original cost, plus sail your boat in the most exotic cruising ground on earth. 

Explore the many options presented in Vacation Basin and open up your cruising possibilities worldwide.

2022 Vacation Basin Exhibitors

Bitter End Yacht Club  
Borrow A Boat  
Calusa Marine Charters  
Catamaran Company  
Conch Charter  
Cruise Abaco  
CVY Brokers & Charters  
Dream Yacht Charters  
Festiva Sailing  
Group Island Spirit  
Make Time for Panama  
Marina Puerta Bahia
MD School of Sailing
MMK Systems
Panama Posse  
Paradise Yacht Management  
The Docks at Downtown Hampton  
TMM Yacht Charters  
Virgin Island Yacht Charters  
Voyage Charters  
Waypoints Yacht Charters