New Products

Exhibitor:      Zimmerman Marine, Inc.                            

Product:        Hydraulic Trailer

Description: New Hydraulic trailer in our Mathews, VA, (Mobjack Bay) location can haul Catamarans up to 24 feet wide (in phase 1 and 30 feet wide in phase 2) and mono-hulls to 100,000 pounds and 64 feet long.


Exhibitor:      BLU3, Brownies Marine Group                   

Product:        Nomad

Description: Nomad is an ultra-portable, battery-powered tankless dive system with a maximum depth rating of 30 feet (9 meters.) Each swappable Nomad battery provides roughly 45-60 minutes of dive time or more, depending on diver depth and other factors. Nomad only weighs about 15 pounds and fits nicely into our BLU3 Backpack, small enough airplane carry-on luggage.



Exhibitor:    Indel Webasto Marine USA

Product:      Isotherm Plus ITC 3701

Description:Isotherm PLUS is replacing the ASU control module with the new Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) in combination with the Isotherm Holding Plate. It offers the same eutectic holding plate sizes, but now capable of freezing temperatures. 


Exhibitor:    Sakonnet River Company

Product:      Sakonnet River Wine Tray

Description: These wine trays are hand-crafted from 100% solid Teak, Walnut, Cherry, Maple and and yacht-grade Carbon Fiber. They are completely customizable by allowing clients to personalize them with names, emblems, logos and other kinds of images. The trays are food safe, tightly stackable and require hand-washing. 



Exhibitor:    Bainbridge International

Product:       Karver V3 Furler System

Description: V3 Furler System from Karver is the 3rd version since our creation in 2003. You will recognize this furler among the others: it is the only one with a carbon / Kevlar® continuous line wheel! The KF Standard range is the version that will suit many people, whether you are a cruiser or a racer.



Exhibitor:      Sailrite Enterprises

Product:      Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Sewing Machine

Description: The Ultrafeed LSZ-1 walking foot sewing machine is a high-performing portable yet heavy-duty zigzag and straight stitch sewing machine that can easily sew through the toughest fabrics. This machine provides double the power found in other machines, plus advanced, patented technologies that allow you to easily sew through tough materials.


Exhibitor:    East Penn Manufacturing

Product:    Deka Marine Master Tinned Wire & Cable

Description: Deka Marine Master UL Listed, single-/multiple conductor tinned wire is an ideal solution for the high corrosive environments found in marine applications. Flame retardant, PVC insulation is highly resistant to water, oil, grease, gasoline, and other damaging solvent. High tolerance of up to 600 volts add to versatility in use for multiple boating applications.


Exhibitor:      Selden Mast

Product:    Selden Synchornized Main Furling (SMF) & Smart Tech E40i Electric Winch

Description: To make sail handling easier for a small crew we have synchronized an electric motor in the mast with a newly developed electric winch for the outhaul, E40i. Push a button and the sail comes out in a controlled fashion as the winch adjusts the outhaul tension in relation to the motor in the mast. This is what we call Synchronized Main Furling.


Exhibitor:    TGS Trading Co

Product:    Air Chair

Description: Upgrade the seating comfort level on any sized boat with a simple ergonomic, compact chair, complete with tote bag for storage. The Air Chair is a waterproof hanging chair that is easily secured overhead on. a SAILBOAT with minimal effort.