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Exhibitor:      Zimmerman Marine, Inc.                               Booth Location:       A41-A43

Product:        Hydraulic Trailer

Description: New Hydraulic trailer in our Mathews, VA, (Mobjack Bay) location can haul Catamarans up to 24 feet wide (in phase 1 and 30 feet wide in phase 2) and mono-hulls to 100,000 pounds and 64 feet long.

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Exhibitor:      Gratitude Marina                   Booth Location:       D50

Product:        Office Manager

Description: One of Gratitude’s best amenities is our service yard. Gratitude Marina was voted “Best Boatyard” in Chesapeake Bay Magazine’s Best of the Bay 2018! Because we understand how expensive boating can be, we offer more than competitive service rates and can handle all of your painting, fiberglass, gelcoat, rigging and mechanical needs. Led by our service manager, Wade Hague, our service department prides itself on getting the job done right and on time, the first time. We take care of your boat as we would our own. .


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Exhibitor:      HDI Marine                  Booth Location:       YB21

Product:       Engineering and manufacturing investment cast, 316 stainless steel exhaust components for marine diesels.

Description: Upgrading from cast iron to cast 316 stainless exhaust for a fraction of the cost will not only keep your engine running cool, but will prevent corrosion build-up and restriction of exhaust gases, but it will give you piece of mind knowing that a cracked, clogged or corroded iron elbow isn’t going to leave you dead in the water.


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Exhibitor:      Paddle North                   Booth Location:       L30

Product:        Paddleboards and Docks


Paddleboards: It’s never been easier to go on an adventure with a @Paddle North inflatable paddleboard! Set up home base on the water with the inflatable Lake Float by Paddle North.

Docks: The water dock supportswell over 2,000 lbs of humans, dogs, coolers and water gear. Stay dry, or dive into the water and get wet. This is the first time they will be exhibiting in Annapolis with their inflatable SUPS, kayaks, and floating docks! 


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Exhibitor:      L & L Publications                 Booth Location:       M5

Product:        Books

Description: Lin and Larry Pardey’s hugely popular and encouraging book, the Self Sufficient Sailor, has been revitalized and expanded by more than 40%. “This has been an exciting project for me,” said Lin, “especially as I have spent much of the past two years voyaging through the western Pacific on a boat that has not only an engine, but much of the electronic gear Larry and I chose to sail without. This let me evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of what many folks call “modern equipment. Better yet, it put me in touch with the people who are out cruising right now. And it is exciting to see that there are young and young at heart folks setting off voyaging on limited budgets and finding fine adventures.”

The Revised and expanded 3rd edition of Self Sufficient Sailor will be official launched November 1st. Early copies will available directly from Lin at the US Sailboat Show in Annapolis and signed early copies are available by post if ordered before September 15th from


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Exhibitor:      Mantus Anchors            Booth Location:       D 52, 53, 54

Product:       Anchors

Description:The M2 Mantus anchor is designed to penetrate dense grassy bottoms and set with unparalleled holding power. Expect the Mantus Anchor to set every time the first time! The M2 is easy to store whether you are a long-range cruiser, racing or going out for a day sail. The Mantus breaks down for easy storage, so you can store one or two as spares without taking up much needed boat space. A single bolt is used for the construction to facilitate easy dissassembly and storage.


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