Exhibitors – 2021

2021 Exhibitor Listing

The following is a list of exhibitors who are participating in the 2021 United States Sailboat Show.

New exhibitors are added everyday.

Click on a company name for more information.

Exhibitor Display Area
59 North Tent F 9
727 Sailbags, Inc. Tent D 67 , Tent D 68
A Lit'le Irish, Too Tent D 49
A.G.A. Correa & Son Tent C 3
A.T.N., Inc. Tent A 6
AB Marine, Inc. Tent B 47 , Tent B 49
Abordage, SA. Tent O 25
ACR Electronics, Inc. Tent B 57
ADH inotec Diam24 Tent C 39
AeroVanti Tent YB
Air Head Products Tent K 7
All At Sea Tent F 26
AllDockedUp Inc. Tent A 48
Alubat/SouthEast Sailing & Yachts, Inc. Dock A
American Sail, Inc. Land 47
American Sailing Association Dock K3
AMG Insurance International Tent F 4
Anacortes Yacht Charters Dock I
Anchor Yacht Sales Dock B
Annapolis Cruisair Tent A 11 , Tent A 9
Annapolis Custom Yacht Canvas Tent L 15
Annapolis Hybrid Marine Dock F2
Annapolis Rigging Company Tent AB 24
Annapolis Sail & Power Squadron Tent YB
Annapolis Sailing School Dock S
Annapolis Sailyard Tent O 20
Annapolis School of Seamanship Tent B 15 , Tent B 17
Annapolis Yacht Sales Dock B , Dock F2
Antares Catamarans Dock K3
Antique Repurposed Art Craft Tent C 15
AON Private Risk Management Land 35
Aon Private Risk Management Insurance, Inc. Land 35
Archer Power Solutions Tent O 24
Arey's Pond Boat Yard Land 34
Argo Navigation LLC Tent C 28
Arid Bilge Systems, Inc. Tent K 13
Arkadian Yachts Dock F1
Arntson Design, Inc. Tent D 72
Artisans Custom Mattress, Inc. Tent K 10 , Tent K 8
Ashley Yachts Dock D
Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. Tent C 17 , Tent C 19
Atlantic Cruising Yachts, LLC Dock F1
Atlantic Marinas Tent D 44 , Tent D 45
Atlantic Marketing Tent AB 16 , Tent AB 17 , Tent AB 18
Atlantic Radio Telephone/SatPhoneStore Tent B 42
Atlantic Towers Tent YB 14 , Tent YB 15 , Tent YB 16
Atlas Yacht Sales Dock B , Dock F1
Awlgrip North America Tent B 53
B&G - Navico Tent A 18 , Tent A 20
B&G Marine Serivces Tent D 87
Backyard Boats Land 5
Bacon Sails & Marine Supplies Tent C 65
Bainbridge International Land 19
Bajio Sunglasses Tent F 21 , Tent F 22 , Tent F 23
Balance Catamarans Dock C
Bali Catamarans Dock B
Balmar LLC Tent A 10 , Tent A 12
Bay Shore Marine Engine Service Tent B 36 , Tent B 38
Beneteau America Dock F2
Berthon USA Dock F2
Beta Marine US Tent AB 5 , Tent AB 6
Bitter End Yacht Club Land VB25
Blue Water Sailing School Tent AB 26
Bluenose Yacht Sales Dock C , Dock F1
Bluewater Yachts Dock F2
Boatique USA Tent D 27 , Tent D 28
BoatUS Dock BoatUS Bridge
Body Glove/Surf9 Tent D 55 , Tent D 56
Bolder Creative Studios Tent C 36
British Virgin Islands Tourist Board Tent D 70 , Tent D 71
Brownies Marine Group Tent D 73
Bruce Hackett Company Tent A 1 , Tent A 3
Bruntons Propeller Tent B 2
BUKU Tent D 66
BULDANO, LLC Tent D 13 , Tent D 14
Buster's Land Z2
BVI Yacht Charters Tent D 91 , Tent D 92
Cabano Marine Dock F1
Cabin Bright Tent D 77
Calypso Instruments Tent A 42
Canvas Store, The Tent YB 10
Cape Fear Sportswear Tent K 5
Cape Hatteras Marine Tent D 10 , Tent D 11
Cape Woolamai Mercantile Co. Tent C 42 , Tent C 44
Cape Yachts Dock F2
Carling Technolgies/Maretron Tent C 6
Castaway Customs Tent D 94
Castle Marina Tent C 14
Catalina Yachts Land 59 , Dock J2
Catamaran Central Tent DO 5
Catamaran Guru Dock B
Ccushions.com Tent A 13
Celestaire Tent C 52
Chantiers Amel S.A. Dock F2
CHART metalworks Land 84
Chesapeake Bay Magazine Land 59A
Chesapeake Bay Yacht Charters Dock I
Chesapeake Boating Club Tent AB 28
Chesapeake Light Craft Land 50
Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating Dock S
Chesapeake Sailmakers/Elvstrom Sails Dock F1
Chesapeake Yacht Club, Inc. Tent C 51
Chesapeake Yacht Sales Dock C , Dock J2
ClampTite LLC Tent AB 25
Click Heat, Inc. dba WonderPax Tent YB 9
Club Nautique Dock F1
CNB Yachts Dock F2
CNB-America Dock C
Coastal Climate Control, Inc. Tent A 53 , Tent A 55
Coastal Properties Management Tent B 4
Colby Davis of Boston Tent D 69
Collection Yachts Dock D
Colligo Marine Tent D 15 , Tent D 16
Coltri Compressors Tent A 49
ComMar Sales, LLC Tent B 10 , Tent B 13 , Tent C 6
Conch Charters Ltd Tent VB 23 , Tent VB 24
Coneys Marine Dock F1
Contest Yachts Dock D
Coppercoat, U.S.A., LLC Tent D 5
Core Medical Systems LLC Tent K 17
Corsair Marine/Seawind Dock A1
Country Teak, Inc. Tent D 26
Cover Loft, The Tent AB 11
Creative Spaces Remodeling LLC Tent D 95
Cruise Abaco Dock I VB , Dock I VB
Cruise RO Water & Technautics Tent D 36 , Tent D 37
Cruising Solutions Tent YB 1
Cruising World Magazine/Sailing World Land 21
Cruising Yachts Dock B , Dock J2
Crusader Yacht Sales Dock C , Dock F1
Custom Marine Products Tent AB 12
Cutco Cutlery Tent C 25
CVY Brokers and Charterers Ltd. Tent VB 28 , Tent VB 29
CYOA Yacht Charters
DATREX, Inc. Tent C 11 , Tent C 9
Denison Yacht Sales Dock C , Dock F2
Details Details Tent D 61
Dimension-Polyant Dock F1
Dometic/Sealand Sanitation Systems Tent C 59
Downwind Yacht Sales Dock F1
Doyle Sails/Island Nautical Canvas Tent A 32 , Tent A 34
Dragonfly Energy Tent YB 20
Dream Yacht Charter Dock H
Dufour Yachts Dock F2
Dunbar Yachts Dock F1 , Dock J2
Dutchmar Land 15A
e Marine Systems Tent YB 5 , Tent YB 6
East Coast Inflatables Land 30
East Coast Sailboats, Inc. Land 7
East Penn Mfg. Co., Inc. Tent DO 12
Eastport Yacht Club Tent AB4
Edson International Land X5
Electronic Marine Tent A 5 , Tent A 7
Epifanes NA, Inc. Tent B 20
Euro Marine Trading, Inc. Land 57
Evolution Sails Chesapeake Dock F1
EWE Spirit Foundation Land 19A
EWINCHER Tent D 79 , Tent D 80
EWOL Propellers Tent D 90
EYC Foundation Tent O 16
Fabulous Patio LLC Tent K 2 , Tent K 4
Fawcett Marine Supplies Land 16 , Land 24 , Land 25 , Land 26 , Land 27
Feathering Propeller Tent C 21
Festiva Sailing Vacations Tent VB 14
Flexofold Dock S
Floatz Bags Tent O 22
Florida Bow Thrusters Tent A 57
Florida Yacht Charters Tent VB 11
Flying Fish Printworks Tent O 1A , Tent F 1B
Flying Scot, Inc. Land 46
Forbes Horton Yachts Dock D
Forespar Products Corporation Tent C 67 , Tent C 69 , Tent C 71
Fountaine Pajot Dock B
Fraser Yacht Sals Dock B , Dock F1
FT-TEC USA Corp. Tent B 5
G. Winters Sailing Center Dock C , Dock F2 , Dock J2
Garmin USA Tent B 11 , Tent B 7 , Tent B 9
Gecko Brands Tent D 46 , Tent D 47 , Tent D 48
General Boats Land 62 , Land 61
Gill North America Land 69 , Land 70 , Land 70A
Good Old Boat Tent G 3
Gowrie Group/IMIS Tent AB 20
GPS Store, Inc., The Tent B 40
Grand Yachts Dock F2
Great Hudson Sailing Dock F1
Great Lakes Sailing Dock F1
Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Tent G 2
Green Yachts Dock D
Group Island Spirit Tent VB 2
Hallberg-Rassy Dock E2
Hamilton Ferris/Power Products Tent K 19
Handcraft Mattress Company Tent C 61 , Tent C 63
Hanse Yachts Dock F2
Harbor North Dock F2
Harken, Inc. Land 18 , Land 17
Hartge Yacht Harbor Tent C 13
Hat Trick Embroidery Tent K 18
Haven Harbour Marina Resorts Tent A 2 , Tent A 4
Hayn Enterprises LLC Land X4B
HDI Marine Tent YB 21
Heartland Foods Tent L 12
Helly Hansen Land 39C , Land 39D , Land 39E
Herrington Harbour Marina Resorts Tent C 5 , Tent C 7
Horizons America Tent F 1A
Horton Marine Services Tent A 45 , Tent A 47
HP Agency - Hand Forged Damascus Cutlery Tent L 2
Hudson Yacht Group Dock K2
Hydrovane International Marine Inc. Tent A 21
Hylas Yachts International LLC Dock D
Hytech Marketing Tent YB 24
ICOM America, Inc. Tent C 2
Impact CBS, Inc. Tent D 96
Imtra Corporation Land X6
Incoming America Tent A 51
Indel Marine USA Tent B 55
Interlux Yacht Finishes Tent B 51
Island Boat Lettering, Inc. Tent C 27
Island Packet Yachts Dock C
Italia Yachts Dock D
iYacht Club Dock H
J Boats Dock S , Dock S
J World Tent AB 29
J. Gordon & Co., Inc. Tent C 55 , Tent C 57
Jack Martin & Assoc./Avon Dixon Agency Tent F 10 , Tent F 11
Jackie Gallagher Designs Tent DO 11
Jaguar Landrover Land 20
Jeanneau America Inc. Dock F1
Jet It Tent C 45
JT Yachts, LLC Dock A
Jupiter Bike Tent O 28
Just Catamarans Service, Inc. Tent AB 9
Kadollu Designs Tent C 53
Kato Marine Tent D 42 , Tent D 43
Kinetic Catamarans LLLP Dock C
KTI Systems Inc. Tent YB 17 , Tent YB 18
KVH Industries, Inc. Tent C 4
L&L Pardey Publications Tent M 5 , Tent M 6
L30 One Design, LLC Land 39
Lagoon /CNB Dock B
Landfall Navigation Tent C 46 , Tent C 48
Larsen Marine Dock F1
Lasdrop Shaft Seals Tent C 34
Latitudes & Attitudes Tent YB 3 , Tent YB 4
LaVictoire Finance VIP Lounge
Leight Electric LLC Tent B 50
Leopard Catamarans/Mariner, Int. Dock I
Lewis Products Tent C 63A
Lifeline Batteries Tent C 23
Little Yacht Sales Dock B , Dock J2
Long Hull Outfitters Tent D 17
Luxx Optica Tent DO 4
Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding, Inc. Dock C
M & E Sales Tent D 24 , Tent D 25
M Yacht Services, LLC Dock F1
Mack Boring & Parts Co. Tent A 31 , Tent A 33 , Tent A 35
Mack Sails Tent K 11 , Tent K 11A
Maggie & Milly/SS Magpie Tent O 27
Maggie Lee Designs Tent L 1
Make Time for Panama/Shelter Bay Marina Tent VB 13
Manitowic Marina Dock D
Mantus Anchors Tent D 52 , Tent D 53 , Tent D 54
Maptech Tent C 16 , Tent C 18
mar adentro Dock B
Marina Gagnon Dock C
Marina Puerto Bahia Tent VB 19
Marine Electric Systems Tent C 43
Marine Service Center Dock B , Dock F1
Marine Technical Services Tent B 1
Marine Trades Assoc. of Maryland Tent F 27
Marinebeam Land 83
Marlow Ropes Land X4A
Marmara Imports Tent L 3
Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship Tent VB 32
Maryland Yacht Club Tent AB 7
Maui Jim/Shades of the Bay Land AB1
McMichael Yacht Brokers Dock F2
Mermaid Manufacturing Tent A 8
Mid-Atlantic Engine Supply Tent B 44 , Tent B 46
Mid-Atlantic Marine Electronics, LLC Tent A 50
Mid-Shore Electronics Tent B 41 , Tent B 43 , Tent B 45
MMK Systems Ltd. - Booking Manager Tent VB 15 , Tent VB 16
Modern Lusso Tent C 20
Montauk Tackle Tent AB 3 , Tent AB 4
Moorings, U.S.A./ Mariner Int. Land 12
Murray Yacht Sales Dock C , Dock F2
Mustang Survival, Inc. Land 55
Musto Land 68
Mutlu Inc./Bamboo Pillows X Sheets Tent YB 7 , Tent YB 8
Mystic Stainless & Aluminum, Inc. Tent YB 2
Naos Yachts Dock B , Dock F2
National Ocean Service/NOAA Tent B 14
Nature Craft Jewelry Tent C 22 , Tent C 24 , Tent C 26
Nature's Head Tent B 8
NautAlert, LLC Tent D 32 , Tent D 33
NAUTOS Tent B 27
Navigare Yachting Dock H
Navtec Hydraulics Tent L 16
Navy Point Marine Dock F1
Neil Pryde Sails Land 42
Nettle Net BOAT POOL Tent C 40B
New England Ropes, Corp. Land 58B
New Wave Yacht Sales Dock F2
NEWCOAST Financial Services Tent G 5
Next Generation Power Eng. Tent D 2
North Point Yacht Sales LLC Dock F2
North Sails Dock F1
North Shore Canvas, Inc. Tent O 15
Norton's Yacht Sales Dock F1
Nugent Design Build, LLC Tent C 30 , Tent C 32
NV Charts/Cruising Guide Publications Tent C 1
NW Explorations Tent D 78
Oasis Marinas Tent D 9
Ocean Marketing Tent B 55 , Tent B 57
OceanPoint Marine Lending Tent F 14 , Tent F 15
Offshore Sailing School Dock S
Old Town Wind Bells Tent AB 22 , Tent AB 23
Osprey Point & Gratitude Marina Tent D 50
Our Good Dog Spot Tent F 13
Outremer Yachting/ Just Catamarans Dock C
Oyster Yachts Dock D
P.Y.I., Inc. Tent C 31B , Tent C 33
Pacific Cruising Yachts / Whitacre Catamarans Tent B 33
Panama Posse Tent VB 10
Paradise Yacht Management Tent VB 18
Parasailor USA Tent C 39A , Tent C 39B
Pasco, Inc. Tent D 59
Passage Nautical Dock B , Dock F2
Passanante's Home Food Services
Passport Yachts Dock D
Performance Yacht Sales Dock C
Pettit Marine Paint Tent A 16
Pivotel Tent B 3
Pop Paddleboards Tent O 16 , Tent O 17
Porta-Bote International Tent A 40
Premier Yacht Management, Inc. Tent A 23
Prestige Yachts Dock F2
Privilege Catamarans Dock C
PropEle Electric Boat Motors, Inc. Tent M 1
Providence Marine Systems, Inc. Tent A 40A
Quantum Sails Land 66
Rainman Watermakers C 12A , C 12B
Raritan Engineering Co. Inc. Tent B 32 , Tent B 34
Raymarine, Inc. Land 72
RCI Technologies East Tent B 39
RCR Yachts Dock F2
Red Beard Sailing Land 8 , Land 9
Rhineland Cutlery Tent D 51
Richard J. Fisco Tent DO 3
Rigging Company, The Tent O 13 , Tent O 14
River Dunes Tent C 8
Riverfront Yachts Dock F1
Riverside Marina & Yacht Sales Dock F1
Rocna Anchors Tent AB 13
Rodgers Yacht Sales LLC/X-Yachts USA Dock D
Rolly Tasker Sails/Annapolis Boat Service Tent O 11
Ronstan Land 63
Royal Cape Catamarans Dock C
Rum Reggae Tent D 93
S&J Yachts Tent F 6 , Tent F 7
Sail Annapolis Dock C , Dock J2
Sail Away Catamarans Dock A1
Sail Beyond Cancer Tent M 4
Sail Grenadines Tent VB 1
Sail Place Dock F2 , Dock J2
Sailing Channels Tent VB 21
Sailology Tent D 35
Sailrite Enterprises, Inc. Tent D 64 , Tent D 65 , Tent D 82 , Tent D 83
Sailtime Annapolis, LLC Dock A
Sakonnet River Company Tent F 5
Salt n Rays Tent A 46
Salty Dawg Sailing Association Tent F 1
Sam LaFever Prints Tent L 16
Samson Tent AB 19
Scale Down Tent AB 8
Scanmar International Tent C 31
Schaefer Marine Land X1
Schooner Woodwind: Annapolis Sailing Cruises Dock F2
Sea Bags Tent K 12
Sea Frost/C.F. Horton Co. Tent A 27
Sea Hawk Paints Tent D 81
Sea-Tech Systems Tent D 34
Seahorse Docking Tent A 15 , Tent A 17 , Tent A 19
Seas of Solutions/McMurdo Tent AB 13
Seattle Yachts Tent F 19 , Tent F 20 , Dock D , Dock F2
Seawater Pro, LLC. Tent YB 12 , Tent YB 13
Selden Mast, Inc. Land 65A
Seven Seas Cruising Association Tent M 3
Shipwright Harbor Marina Tent C 10
Show-Me Products Tent O 7 , Tent O 8
Signal Mate Tent D 57
Signature Yachts Dock F2
Siren Marine, Inc. Tent DO 8 , Tent DO 9
Sirius XM Radio Tent B 13
Smart Hatch Tent C 39
Smartgyro Tent B 21
SmartPlug Systems Tent AB 14
Snag-a-Slip/Marina Life Tent D 8
Somers Cove Marina Tent C 50
South Coast Yachts Dock F2
SouthEast Sailing & Yachts, Inc. Dock A
Spade Anchor Tent D 88
Sperry Top-Sider Tent B 31
Spinlock USA Land 67
SpinSheet Publishing Land 19A
Springline Yacht Sales Dock J2
Spurs Marine Tent B 48
Spyderco Tent O 1 , Tent O 2
St. Barts Dock B , Dock F2
St. Clair Sailboat Center Dock F1
Star Glow BBA Rondan Enterprises Tent L 7
Stearns Boating Dock F2
Steiner Tent A 14
Sterling Acceptance Corp. Tent F 24 , Tent F 25
Sterling Power USA Tent A 37 , Tent A 39
Strong Fire Arms Tent B 6
Sunchill Tent D 60
Sunglass Connection Tent O 23
Sunnybrook Yachts Dock F1
Sunsail/Mariner, Int. Land 13
Superior Life-Saving Equipment, Inc. Tent B 16 , Tent B 18
Superior Yacht Sales Dock B , Dock F1
Swiftsure Yachts Dock D
Sys Yachts Dock F2
Team One Newport Land 56
Tee's By Bo Inc. Tent C 47 , Tent C 49
Texas Coast Yachts Dock F1
TGS Trading Company Tent D 1
The Black Dog Tent K 1
The Catamaran Company Tent VB 3 , Tent VB 4
The Docks at Downtown Hampton Tent VB 27
The Multihull Company Dock C
The Sailing Academy Tent O 21
TMM Yacht Charters Dock I
TNR Group Tent K 3
Torqeedo Inc. Dock S
Trac Ecological Tent B 55
Transfluid, LLC Tent A 36
Trident Funding Corporation Tent AB 27
Trident Marine Group Tent B 23 , Tent B 25
TTR Sotheby's International Realty Tent D 23
Tylaska Marine Hardware Tent L 20A
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Tent O 9
ugo wear Tent D 97
UK Sailmakers Dock F1
Ullman Sails International Dock F1
Ultra Marine West Tent D 3 , Tent D 4 , Tent D 4A
United Yachting MFG Tent K 16
US Spars, Inc. Land 56
US Virgin Islands Department of Tourism Tent VB 31
V. F. Shaw Co., Inc. Tent D 12
Vakaros Tent YB 19
Valhalla Sailing Project Dock S
Vane Brothers Marine Safety Land 38
Vanessa Piche Tent L 6 , Tent L 8
Veleros y Veleros Dock B
Ventura Sport Boats Dock F2
Vesper Marine, Ltd Tent B 35 , Tent B 37
VetusMaxwell, Inc. Tent B 19 , Tent B 21
Viadana USA LLC Tent D 29 , Tent D 30 , Tent D 31
Viking Life Saving Equipment Tent D 21 , Tent D 22
Virgin Island Yacht Charters Tent VB 7
Vision Yachts Dock B
Voyage Charters Dock H
Walder Boom Brake Tent D 89
Walnut Hill Landscaping
Warrior Sailing Tent D 58
Waterway Guide Tent A 25
Waypoint Marine Service Land 45
Waypoints Annapolis Dock I VB
Weather Routing Inc. Tent K 14
Weems & Plath Tent C 38 , Tent C 40A
Welcome Aboard Catalog & Website Tent B 12
Wichard Land X2
Williams & Heintz Map Corp. Tent F 12
Willis Marine Dock F2
WINSLOW® LifeRaft Company Tent D 74 , Tent D 75 , Tent D 76
Women Who Sail Tent M 4
Wounded Nature- Working Veterans Tent L 11 , Tent L 13
Xquisite Yachts Dock B
Yacht Brokers of Annapolis Tent F 2 , Tent F 3
Yacht Canvas, Inc. Tent O 12
Yacht Sales Int'l. Tent F 17 , Tent F 18
Zim Sailing Land 5
Zimmerman Marine, Inc. Tent A 41