Brokerage Cove

Brokerage Cove: Featuring Pre-Owned Brokered Boats 

Brokerage Cove, a show within a show, is overflowing with more previously owned boats than ever before, all presented by regional boat brokers.  

Brokerage Cove is an easy walk from the hundreds of new and premiering powerboats on display in downtown Annapolis. Brokerage Cove is a floating marina in St. Mary’s Cove. The venue is just inside the Spa Creek Bridge and one block from the main docks of the power boat show. Buses and water taxis will ferry attendees between the two sites. Show goers can cool off in fun and relaxing water taxis that run continuously between the Annapolis City Dock and St. Mary’s Cove.

The price of admission includes entry into both the United States Powerboat Show and Brokerage Cove.

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2017 Exhibitors & Boat List


A B C D E F G K L O P R U V W 

A↑ top

Annapolis Yacht Company

B↑ top

Baltimore Boating Center
Bluewater Yacht Sales

C↑ top

Campbell's Yacht Sales
Chesapeake Yacht Center
Clarks Landing Marina, Inc.

D↑ top

Denison Yacht Sales
DiMillos Yacht Sales

E↑ top

East Coast Yacht Sales - ME

F↑ top


G↑ top

Grande Yachts

K↑ top

Knot 10 Yacht Sales

L↑ top

Lippincott Marine

O↑ top

Off The Hook Yacht Sales NC, LLC
Osborne Yachts

P↑ top

Prince William Marine Sales

R↑ top

Rhode River Boat Sales

U↑ top

United Yacht Sales

V↑ top

Vines & Bines Events, LLC

W↑ top

Waterfront Marine



A B C D F G H L M N P R S T Z 

A↑ top

Aicon 56 (Knot 10 Yacht Sales) ←56.00→DOCK B
Azimut 60 (Off The Hook Yacht Sales NC, LLC) ←60.00→DOCK B

B↑ top

Back Cove 30 (DiMillos Yacht Sales) ←30.00→DOCK A
Bavaria 420 (Knot 10 Yacht Sales) ←42.00→DOCK B

C↑ top

Calyber 35 (Knot 10 Yacht Sales) ←35.00→DOCK B

D↑ top

Defever 53 (Denison Yacht Sales) ←53.00→DOCK A

F↑ top

Formula 34 (Formula/Thunderbird) ←34.00→DOCK B
Formula 40 (Formula/Thunderbird) ←40.00→DOCK B

G↑ top

Grand Banks 45 (Bluewater Yacht Sales) ←45.00→DOCK A
Greenline 33 (United Yacht Sales) ←33.00→DOCK C

H↑ top

Hinckley 38 (Off The Hook Yacht Sales NC, LLC) ←38.00→DOCK B

L↑ top

Larson 33 (Knot 10 Yacht Sales) ←33.00→DOCK B

M↑ top

Mainship 390 (Knot 10 Yacht Sales) ←40.00→DOCK B
Mainship 40 (Lippincott Marine) ←40.00→DOCK A
Mathews Patriot 29 (DiMillos Yacht Sales) ←29.00→DOCK A
Meridian 341 (Knot 10 Yacht Sales) ←34.00→DOCK B
Meridian 44 (Denison Yacht Sales) ←44.00→DOCK A

N↑ top

Nor Tech 34 (Off The Hook Yacht Sales NC, LLC) ←34.00→DOCK B

P↑ top

Pershing 50.1 (Off The Hook Yacht Sales NC, LLC) ←51.00→DOCK B

R↑ top

Rivolta 44 (Knot 10 Yacht Sales) ←44.00→DOCK B

S↑ top

Sabre 35 (Osborne Yachts) ←35.00→DOCK B
Sabre 42 (Annapolis Yacht Company) ←42.00→DOCK B
San Juan 38 (Campbell's Yacht Sales) ←38.00→DOCK A
Sea Ray 33 (DiMillos Yacht Sales) ←33.00→DOCK A
Sea Ray 400 Sedan (Baltimore Boating Center) ←40.00→DOCK A
Sea Ray 41 (Waterfront Marine) ←41.00→DOCK C
Sea Ray 43 (Knot 10 Yacht Sales) ←44.00→DOCK B
Sea Ray 47 SD (Chesapeake Yacht Center) ←47.00→DOCK C
Sea Ray 4800 (Clarks Landing Marina, Inc.) ←48.00→DOCK B
Sea Ray 58 DB (Prince William Marine Sales) ←58.00→DOCK C
Sea Ray Sundancer 500 (Clarks Landing Marina, Inc.) ←50.00→DOCK B
Silverton 45 (Baltimore Boating Center) ←45.00→DOCK A

T↑ top

Tiara 3500 (Knot 10 Yacht Sales) ←35.00→DOCK B
Tiara 43 (Annapolis Yacht Company) ←43.00→DOCK B
Tiara 52 (Denison Yacht Sales) ←52.00→DOCK A
Trophy 25 (Baltimore Boating Center) ←25.00→DOCK A

Z↑ top

Zurn 50 (East Coast Yacht Sales - ME) ←50.00→DOCK B
Add to Calendar 10/11/2018 10:00 AM 10/14/2018 05:00 PM America/New_York United States Powerboat Show United States Powerboat Show City Dock, Annapolis, Maryland

United States Powerboat Show
City Dock, Annapolis, Maryland

Thursday, October 11, 2018
10:00am - 6:00pm

Friday, October 12 , 2018
10:00am - 6:30pm

Saturday, October 13, 2018
10:00am - 6:30pm

Sunday, October 14, 2018
10:00am - 5:00pm

Preview Day - $35
Preview Day + Additional Day - $48
Adult One Day - $18 in Advance/$20 at Gate
Adult Two Day Combo - $31
Children - $5 (6 & under FREE)

  • Walnut Hill