Brokerage Cove

Brokerage Cove: Featuring Pre-Owned Brokered Boats 

Brokerage Cove, a show within a show, is overflowing with more previously owned boats than ever before, all presented by regional boat brokers.  

Brokerage Cove is an easy walk from the hundreds of new and premiering powerboats on display in downtown Annapolis. Brokerage Cove is a floating marina in St. Mary’s Cove. The venue is just inside the Spa Creek Bridge and one block from the main docks of the power boat show. Buses and water taxis will ferry attendees between the two sites. Show goers can cool off in fun and relaxing water taxis that run continuously between the Annapolis City Dock and St. Mary’s Cove.

The price of admission includes entry into both the United States Powerboat Show and Brokerage Cove.

See 2019 boat list below. 2020 boat list COMING SOON.



2019 Exhibitors & Boat List


A B C D F G I L M N O P S U 

A↑ top

Annapolis Sailyard
Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc.

B↑ top

Baltimore Boating Center
Bluewater Yacht Sales

C↑ top

Clarks Landing Marina, Inc.

D↑ top

Denison Yacht Sales
DiMillos Yacht Sales

F↑ top


G↑ top

Grande Yachts

I↑ top

Invictus Yachts

L↑ top

Lippincott Marine

M↑ top

Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls

N↑ top

New Wave Yacht Sales
Nmason's Famous Lobster Rolls

O↑ top

Ocean Club Yacht Sales, Inc.
Ocean Independence Yachts

P↑ top

Premier Marine

S↑ top

Shugies Cookies

U↑ top

United Yacht Sales



B C F G I M N O P R S T V 

B↑ top

Beneteau Swift Trawler 44 (Denison Yacht Sales) ←44.00→DOCK A
Brig E780 (DiMillos Yacht Sales) ←26.00→DOCK A
Burger 64 (Ocean Independence Yachts) ←64.00→DOCK B

C↑ top

Carver 44 (Baltimore Boating Center) ←44.00→DOCK C

F↑ top

Fairline 65 (New Wave Yacht Sales) ←65.00→DOCK B
Formula 37 (Formula/Thunderbird) ←37.00→DOCK C
Formula 40 (Formula/Thunderbird) ←40.00→DOCK C

G↑ top

Grady White 36 (DiMillos Yacht Sales) ←36.00→DOCK A
Grady White 37 (Bluewater Yacht Sales) ←37.00→DOCK B

I↑ top

Island Pilot 395 (Annapolis Sailyard) ←39.00→DOCK C

M↑ top

Mainship 30 (Lippincott Marine) ←30.00→DOCK A
Maxum 35 SY (United Yacht Sales) ←35.00→DOCK B
Meridian 341 (Invictus Yachts) ←34.00→DOCK C
Meridian 459 (Ocean Club Yacht Sales, Inc.) ←45.00→DOCK A

N↑ top

Nautic Star 28 (Denison Yacht Sales) ←28.00→DOCK A

O↑ top

Ocean 38 (United Yacht Sales) ←38.00→DOCK B

P↑ top

Prestige 50 (Grande Yachts) ←50.00→DOCK B
Princess 52 (Grande Yachts) ←50.00→DOCK B

R↑ top

Regulator 23 (Clarks Landing Marina, Inc.) ←23.00→DOCK B

S↑ top

Sabre 36 Flybridge (DiMillos Yacht Sales) ←36.00→DOCK A
Sabre 40 Sedan (DiMillos Yacht Sales) ←40.00→DOCK A
Sea Ray 280 (Ocean Club Yacht Sales, Inc.) ←28.00→DOCK A
Sea Ray 310 (Invictus Yachts) ←31.00→DOCK C
Sea Ray 340 (New Wave Yacht Sales) ←34.00→DOCK B
Sea Ray 38 (United Yacht Sales) ←38.00→DOCK B
Sea Ray 480 (Ocean Club Yacht Sales, Inc.) ←48.00→DOCK A
Sea Ray 550 (Ocean Club Yacht Sales, Inc.) ←55.00→DOCK A
Sea Ray L590 (Ocean Club Yacht Sales, Inc.) ←59.00→DOCK A
Sessa 52 (Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc.) ←52.00→DOCK B
Sportsman 31 (Baltimore Boating Center) ←31.00→DOCK C

T↑ top

Tiara 44 Q (New Wave Yacht Sales) ←44.00→DOCK B

V↑ top

Venture 34 (United Yacht Sales) ←34.00→DOCK B