Sponsorship Opportunities


Be a 2022 Annapolis Boat Show Sponsor

The Annapolis Boat Shows provides a customized approach to sponsorship, working with individual businesses to ensure the most visible branding possible.

We will design a program tailored to your marketing objectives that maximizes exposure of your brand. Whether you are one of our current exhibitors or a business seeking a new exciting promotional strategy, we will work with you to increase awareness of your business.

Promotional Opportunity Unlike Any Other

Our customers are among the most affluent consumers in the United States with access to unparalleled disposable income. The greater Washington metropolitan area, home to six million, is one of the wealthiest in the United States. Nearly ten percent of all households in Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland and Washington D.C.. have an annual income in excess of $200,000, compared to only four percent nationally. Show attendees hail from all 50 states and international visitors travel to Annapolis from 23 countries, making up 20 percent of our ticket sales. 

Attendee Demographics

  •  Meet up to 100,000 affluent boaters and 1500 exhibitors.

  • Half our visitors earn between $100,000 and $250,000 annually and 20 percent earn between $250,000 and one million dollars.

  • Half are between the ages of 40 and 60, at the pinnacle of their career, with significant purchasing power.

  • One-third are women and represent an important factor in decision-making.

Why Sponsor an Annapolis Boat Show?

  • Improve your relationship with the affluent maritime community.

  • Boost your company’s name and brand recognition in the greater Baltimore/Washington region, across the country, and around the world.

  • Raise public opinion of your company among boaters.

  • Promote your products and services to the maritime clientele.

  • Connect your brand with one of the most prestigious names in the maritime industry.

The Power of Our Website

We provide sponsors, large and small, up to one full year of online advertising on our website reaching several hundred thousand affluent consumers, of which 45 percent are women. Our website has nearly one million page views each year and is the primary source of information for six out of ten people who attend the boat shows. 

Each level of sponsorship entitles companies to different marketing rights, however all sponsor logos will be linked on our website for up to one full year and recognized on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, signage and digital and print advertising. A package of regular and VIP show tickets are also provided.

An exclusive offer with exceptional value and visibility that connects your brand and products to that of the Annapolis Boat Shows with one full year of boat show advertising and promotions; online, social and earned media; and prominent signage and displays.

Official sponsors are licensed as the sole brand to represent their industry at an Annapolis Boat Shows and promoted year-round and provided high visibility at show.

Custom designed specialty pavilions are promoted heavily by Annapolis Boat Shows. Pavilions may be renamed to highlight your brand or “Presented By” an exhibitor or business. Pavilions include: Brokerage Cove, Vacation Basin, Luxury Pavilion, Tasting Areas & Specialty Barge Bars, etc.

Custom designed events are promoted heavily by Annapolis Boat Shows. Events may be renamed to highlight your brand or “Presented By” an exhibitor or business. Events include: VIP Preview Days, Demo Docks, Take The Wheel, Cruisers University, and more!

Banners and signs welcome thousands of attendees at one of four entrance gates.

Adopt a high profile with highly visible signage by sponsoring one of several large and busy tents housing on-land exhibitors. 

Place signage inside and outside our bus fleet that continuously transports visitors back and forth from designated parking areas to the boat show. Be the first brand introduced to a high quality show audience.

Logo and content emblazoned on sponsor-provided plastic bags handed to all attendees. 


Logo and message on admission ticket and ticketing website. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to sponsor an Annapolis Boat Show!

Contact us at 410.268.8828 or sheila@annapolisboatshows.com for a customized program tailored to your marketing requirements.