Our Approach

The health and safety of our exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees is our team’s highest priority. As we plan for our fall United States Powerboat Show (Oct 1-4) and United States Sailboat Show (Oct 8-12), we’re taking proactive steps in response to the pandemic crisis. We’ll continue updating our management plan according to ongoing public safety announcements made by the state of Maryland, the city of Annapolis, and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). See which precautions and practices we’re taking for the safety of our attendees, exhibitors, and staff:

Phase 1: Government Communication
As we begin preparations for our fall shows, we are executing a phased approach. Phase one is our focus on communication with government agencies such as the Annapolis Office of Emergency Management, the county Health Department, and the Maryland Department of Health in an effort to create new guidelines and procedures in producing events like ours.

Phase 2: Safety Preparations & Policies
During phase two, we will focus on preparations for the shows. This phase will include directives on how we will streamline ticketing procedures, manage crowd control, sanitize the show environment each day, account for entrance and exit guidelines and safety, and address pre-screening of participants.

Phase 3: Policy Communication
Phase three will include communication to our attendees, exhibitors, and the show staff. We’ll relay all pertinent information via our website, social media channels, press contacts, email messaging and additional channels. We’ll continue to update and amend our communication with any new show guidelines. 

Phase 4: Onsite Preparations
Finally, we’ll focus on show execution. We’ll do everything in our power to create the best experience for our attendees, staff and exhibitors. This includes prevention supplies for all staff and participants, creating traffic flow patterns to support social distancing, elimination of on-site, after-hour social events, and smoothing out attendance throughout each day with daily ticket limits.



Updated May 19, 2020

The following regulations have been put in place for the 2020 United States Powerboat Show (Oct 1-4) and United States Sailboat Show (Oct 8-12). As state and federal guidelines are defined, we will continue to update this list.

  • All tickets carried over from spring will be accepted as full value for fall shows on any day.
  • All tickets will be sold in advance, per day, to balance show attendance across all show days.
  • Tickets will be $20 general admission price for all show days.
  • Show tickets will be valid for one day only and cannot be refunded at showtime or exchanged for a different day.
  • Due to Maryland Health Department guidelines, no dogs or strollers will be allowed this year.
  • Show grounds  will close each day at 6:30pm. Exhibitors and attendees will have 30 minutes to make their way to the exits. After this, cleaning and disinfection of the show premises will begin.
  • No after-hours events will be allowed on the show grounds this year.
  • Easy-to-navigate tent layouts will be established with clearly marked, one-way aisles within the exhibitor tents.
  • All meetings, classes, and workshops within the show will be limited in seating capacity with proper spacing.
  • Two gates will be used this year and all gate staff will follow stated safety regulations.

The Annapolis fall boat shows are critical to the success of the boating industry, the state of Maryland, the Annapolis community, our exhibitors, staff, and attendees.” We appreciate all the support and feedback we have received. We will do everything in our power to host these two events and create a safe and exciting environment for our participants. Health department regulations and guidelines will be strictly observed. All participants will be expected to comply.