Expand Your Horizons With Annapolis Boat Shows This Fall

With a long sailing tradition in Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay, the Annapolis Boat Shows brings together boating enthusiasts from around the globe every October. In addition to displaying the latest in boats and gear, the shows look to teach the art of boating to new and old boaters alike through workshops, on-board training, and educational seminars presented by some of the world’s most renowned boaters and industry leaders. See what this year has to offer:

Free Seminars
In collaboration with Chesapeake Bay Magazine and Annapolis School of Seamanship, the show brings you a variety of free seminars. Learn from professional captains and experts about a variety of how-to and where-to-go topics including Women in Boating, Junior Captains, Precision Docking, and Operating in Open Water. These free 40-minute seminars will be held during the fall shows, inside the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel. Seating is limited. 

Offered October 7-10, 2021 and October 14-18, 2021 at varying times during their respective shows. US Powerboat Show Schedule. US Sailboat Show Schedule

Demo Dock
Taking a test drive is the perfect way to know if a boat is the right one for you. That’s why the United States Powerboat Show is known for its great demo dock experience. Explore a selection of models and gear on a quick trip on the water and find the right fit for you. After all, a boat is more than just a vehicle. It’s where you’ll build many memories and experiences with loved ones. Make sure you pick the right one.

Offered October 7-10, 2021 during the United States Powerboat Show. Learn More.


The following educational offerings that are also available each year are either sold out or close to sold out for the 2021 fall year:

First Sail Workshop – ALMOST SOLD OUT

Experience the joy of sailing with this hands-on workshop designed for the beginning sailor. Participants in the First Sail Workshop will learn the basics with a 45-minute classroom session followed by a 90-minute on the water session with SailTime and American Sailing Association instructors aboard a Beneteau First 22 and First 27. There’s nothing like getting a real, on-the-water experience when you first learn the sport. All workshop participants will also receive a one-year $30 Basic Membership to BoatU.S.

Offered October 14-18, 2021 at varying times throughout the United States Sailboat Show. Register Today.

Boat U.S. Training – ALMOST SOLD OUT

Partnering with Boat U.S., the United States Powerboat Show will host a number of family-friendly introductory boating courses such as Intro to Boating, Women Making Waves, Precision Docking and Boat Handling, and Open Water Boat Handling. New boaters may register for instruction on techniques such as wheel centering, shifting, steering and throttle control, stopping, station holding, and more. It’s affordable family fun with easy registration through the Boat U.S. Foundation website. Register Today.

Cruisers University – SOLD OUT

Now a seven-day program, Cruisers University provides more than 60 comprehensive courses for sailors and power boaters who have an interest in learning the fundamentals of bluewater cruising. This year, Cruisers University will be held at The Graduate Hotel of Annapolis to accommodate more classes than ever. Four multi-day master classes will be offered: Diesel, Marine Electrical Systems, Marine Weather Forecasting, and Cruising Women. There will also be all-day seminars offered throughout the week including Navigation with Teresa & Ben Carey, Sailing with a Cruiser’s Attitude with Bob Bitchin’ of Latitudes & Attitudes, Seamanship for Offshore Cruising with the team from 59 North, and seminars taught by Jeff & Jean Grossman of TwoCanSail. Cruisers University participants will also receive educational materials from the instructors, breakfast and lunch, and multi-day tickets to the Powerboat Show and the Sailboat Show.

Take The Wheel – SOLD OUT

This is the perfect on-and-off water learning experience for all levels of sailors. Spend the morning session in the classroom learning about sailboat design, how to maximize your boating pleasure, and budget. Then in the afternoon you will have the opportunity to sail aboard your choice of two out of eight yachts and have a chance to get a stem to stern look with wind in the sails. 

All course seats are limited.


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