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Exhibitor:      Coolermate                            

Description: The Cooler Insert is a smartly designed cooler accessory that transforms the traditional “chest style” cooler into a portable refrigerator. The insert can be filled with ice cubes and water or filled with water and frozen solid. Its unique, patented design captures and harnesses the natural process of convection to ensure that cooler contents stay cold and dry while greatly extending the longevity of the ice used. The convenient siphon feature allows for quick and easy draining of ice melt water leaving cooler contents neat and organized. The Insert is manufactured from FDA approved materials and can provide cold, clean water. The Cooler Insert is made in the USA and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

WEBSITE   https://coolerinsert.com/

LINK TO PRODUCT  http://bit.ly/2fpi1WE


Exhibitor:      Weems & Plath                               Booth Location:       Tent C  Booth 38

Product:        Safety Product

Description: CrewWatcher is a revolutionary, app-based crew overboard alarm system that is the fastest way to rescue a person who is overboard. The system works like a virtual lifeline and is made up of two components: a smartphone application and a small beacon that can be comfortably worn by each crew. 

Website:        www.weems-plath.com                 Link to Product:      www.crewwatcher.com

Exhibitor:      SlipSure                               Booth Location:       L20A

Product:        Software

Description: SlipSure is a mobile app that allows boaters to view, book and pay for the same night slip or mooring instantly.

Website:        www.slipsure.com                 Link to Product:      https://slipsure.com/

 Exhibitor:      Oceanvolt USA                   Booth Location:       LS79

Product:        Electric Propulsion/Green Boating

Description: Oceanvolt AXC series Shaft-Drive Motor is specially designed for heavy duty commercial and charter use.  There are no serviceable parts, no water cooling systems (keel cooling is standard) and system redundancies for safety.

The AXC series of shaft drive motor systems can be stacked to achieve higher power. The systems work with a nominal system voltage of 48VDC even when offering more than 20kW of power. In the AXC solution each individual 10kW motor (up to 4) is driven by their own motor controller which is integrated in the motor casing. This allows the electrical current in individual motors and controllers to stay relatively low even in high power (4x10kW) installations.

Website:        http://Oceanvolt.com/        

Link to Product:      https://Oceanvolt.com/solutions/systems/shaft-drive/

 Exhibitor:      Coldeh Marine Refrigeration               Booth Location:       D32

Product:        Marine Refrigeration

Description: Looking to solve your refrigeration problems? Visit new ColdehMarine Refrigeration custom air-cooled evaporator system. Free expert consultation and boat show discount.

Website:        www.COLDEH.com   

Exhibitor:      KTI Systems, Inc.                          Booth Location:       YB17 & 18

Product:        Diesel Fuel Filters

Description: A new smart filter line called Keenan Filters®. Based on our original FilterBOSS concept, we designed the water/separator filter systems from the ground up.

Website:        www.KTISystems.com         

Exhibitor:      KTI Systems, Inc.                          Booth Location:       YB17 & 18

Product:        Diesel Fuel Filter Systems

Description: Using Keenan Filters® we reduced the systems overall size. By designing the interconnects and passages internally within the manifolds we can now port clean fuel back to either filter. An added interface box and optional GSM interface complete the improvements.

Website:        www.KTISystems.com                      

Exhibitor:      Euro Marine Trading                              Booth Location:       L57

Product:        Sailboat Hardware, Furlers

Description: JIBER is a structural headsail furler that works without extruded aluminum foils traditionally found on headsail furlers. Instead it uses a hoist-able swivel that transmits torque to the head and foot of the sail, allowing it to furl.

Website:        www.ubimaioritalia.com                  

Link to Product:      http://www.ubimoioritalia.com/index.php?p=category-intro-jiber

 Exhibitor:      Euro Marine Trading                              Booth Location:       L57

Product:        Sailboat Hardware, Deck Gear

Description: T-Lock is a flush deck, removable hardware mounting solution. A loop is connected to a special toggle which automatically locks into the base. Once connected it cannot be removed under load or accidentally released. The toggle swivels allowing it to take a load in any direction. Removal is achieved by pushing in and tilting the toggle out. When used as a dog-bone it will adapt to any Dyneema® loop, such as a simple loop, low friction ring with loop and a snatch block with loop.

Website:        http://antal.it/ENG/            

Link to Product       http://antal.it/ENG/t_lock_en

Exhibitor:      Vesper Marine                               Booth Location:       B42

Product:        Vesper Marine deckWatch

Description: SmartAIS is now available on your smartwatch. With the new deckWatch app from Vesper Marine, see alerts about potential collisions, anchor drag or man overboard on your smartwatch. It’s you safety companion anywhere on your boat.

Website:        www.VesperMarine.com

Link to Product       www.VesperMarine.com/deckWatch

Exhibitor:      New England Ropes                                Booth Location:       Land 58B

Product:        8 Plait

Description: An anchor line specially designed for use in popular mechanical windlasses. 8 Plait strikes a balance between a supple, firm & easy handling line. Its unique construction delivers a balanced torque resistant coil and flakes into most anchor lockers. It easily splices to chain.

Website:        www.neropes.com

Exhibitor:      Maggie Lee Designs                                 Booth Location:       L-3

Product:        Compass Charm Bracelet

Description: ¾” Sterling Silver laser engraved Compass Charm on a twisted Sterling Silver Bangle offers a sporty look and looks great layered with other bracelets.

Website:        www.maggieleedesigns.com

Link to Product:      http://maggieleedesigns.com/products/3-4-compass-charm-on-twisted-sterling-silver-bangle

Exhibitor:      Maggie Lee Designs                                 Booth Location:       L-3

Product:        Pearl Earrings

Description: These elegant 12mm coin pearl earrings feature handmade 18K yellow gold chain link accents. The handcrafted 18K gold links add a sophisticated artisan look.

Website:        www.maggieleedesigns.com

Link to Product:      http://maggieleedesigns.com/products/caribbean-dreams/handmade-chain-accents

 Exhibitor:      Xantrex Technology/Tekris Power               Booth Location:       A48

Product:        Power Inverter

Description: The Freedom X offers premium performance in a lightweight compact package. Perfect addition to a boat that already has a battery charger.

Website:        www.xantrex.com

Link to Product:      http://xantrex.com/power-products/power-inverters/freedom-X.aspx

Exhibitor:      Xantrex Technology/Tekris Power               Booth Location:       A48

Product:        Inverter Charger

Description: The Freedom XC offers a powerful inverter, battery charger & transfer switch in a lightweight, compact package. Ideal for all types of boats.

Website:        www.xantrex.com

Link to Product:      http://xantrex.com/power-products/inverter-charger/freedom-xc.aspx

Exhibitor:      AB Marine               Booth Location:       Tent B 45, 47, 49

Product:        Moonlight hatches/BSI

Description: Our new Compact Flush hatch was designed with one clear objective in mind: a hatch that gives an exclusive and flush appearance on any yacht.  Using our new (patent pending) in-house developed screw-plugs, whereby hinges and stay-arm attachments are concealed in the acrylic. 

Website:        www.AB-Marine.com

Link to Product:      www.bsidk.com/hatches/flush-hatches/cf-series-compact-flush-hatches

Exhibitor:      AB Marine               Booth Location:       Tent B 45, 47, 49

Product:        GORI Single Speed 3-blade Propeller

Description: Single Pitch in forward with same lowest drag, efficiency, 100% reverse thrust & no prop walk, same as the original GORI 3-blade giving superior maneuverability in both forward and reverse.

Website:        www.AB-Marine.com

Link to Product:      www.ab-marine.com/folding/gori/gori-3-blade-single-pitch/

Exhibitor:      AB Marine               Booth Location:       Tent B 45, 47, 49

Product:        Shaft Shark Line Cutter

Description: New & Improved Design!  We’ve added a second row of teeth so you can chew through weeds, mono filament, rope, lines & debris with zero effort.  Simple installation, no prop removal and no maintenance.  Can be installed on shafts and saildrive systems even underwater by diver. 

Website:        www.AB-Marine.com

Link to Product:      www.ab-marine.com/shaft-shark/

Exhibitor:      59 Degrees North, Ltd.  Booth Location:       Dock H

Product:        Book

Description: We are publishing solo sailor Yves Gelinas’ (inventor of the Cape Horn windvane) book ‘Jean du Sud & the Magick Byrd,’ for the first time in English, and launching it at the show. Yves also personally narrated the story for the upcoming season of the ‘Sailing Stories Podcast,’ which will also launch concurrently with the book.

‘Sailing Stories’ tagline is ‘Tales from the high seas, told week by week.’ So we’ve broken up the full audio of the book into weekly segments that publish for free on the podcast feed atsailingstoriespodcast.com. We are the ONLY ones in sailing doing this, and our first season, featuring ‘Brave or Stupid,’ was a huge hit.

Yves will be at our booth during the show signing copies of the new book!

Website:        SailingStoriesPodcast.com

Exhibitor:      Skymate       Booth Location:       Yacht Basin 19 & 20

Product:        Marine electronics/satellite communications – mazu

Description: Mazu enhances the cruising experience by providing up to date weather, live NMEA data, and SMS/email anywhere you go.  Reliable, affordable, and designed for cruisers, mazu sets a new standard of quality and performance.  Check out our free iPad app on the App Store today.

Website:        Mazu-Marine.com

Link to Product:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mazu-marine/id1154199719?mt=8

Exhibitor:      Coastal Climate Control             Booth Location:       Tent A 51 – 53

Product:        Air Conditioning

Description: High quality air-conditioning in 5 sizes from 5,000 – 16,000 Btu. Comes complete with digital display, remote control, quiet, blower, power-efficient compressor with sound dampening.

Website:        www.CoastalClimateControl.com

Exhibitor:      Coastal Climate Control             Booth Location:       Tent A 51 – 53

Product:        Solar Power

Description: Solbian flexible solar panel SR Seriers. Super rugged with revolutionary “Merlin” technology offers high efficiency and great durability at a lesser cost.

Website:        www.CoastalClimateControl.com

 Exhibitor:      Sail Aweigh LLC               Booth Location:       Tent YB 23

Product:        Photoluminescent Tape and Labels

Description: Sail shape is the most important factor contributing to your boat speed. Improve performance by up to 20%, extend sail life and reduce breakage and injuries.

Website:        www.sailaweighllc.com

 Exhibitor:      Sail Aweigh LLC               Booth Location:       Tent YB 23

Product:        Safety Tether with High Load Release

Description: Glowfast patented HLR Safety line is the only tether on the market with a high load release system into a safety line; ensures quick and simple release under high loads.

Website:        www.sailaweighllc.com


United States Sailboat Show
City Dock, Annapolis, Maryland

Thursday, October 4, 2018 (VIP Day)
10:00am - 6:00pm

Friday, October 5, 2018
10:00am - 6:30pm

Saturday, October 6, 2018
10:00am - 6:30pm

Sunday, October 7, 2018
10:00am - 6:30pm

Monday, October 8, 2018
10:00am - 5:00pm

VIP Preview Day - $35
VIP Preview Day + Additional Day - $48
Adult One Day - $18 in Advance/$20 at Gate
Adult Two Day Combo - $31
Children - $5 (6 & under FREE)

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