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Annapolis School of Seamanship & Cheasapeake Bay Magazine

Friday, April 15th ♦ Saturday, April 16th ♦ Sunday April 17th

Trouble Shooting Your Diesel Engine at 12:00 pm 

You are having a great day on the water and all of a sudden your diesel engine stops working. Do you know what to do? Annapolis School of Seamanship will walk you through the basics of diesel engines and troubleshooting techniques to help you get up and running again. 

Modern Navigation at 1:00 pm

These days navigation with a chart plotter and GPS can be complicated. Annapolis School of Seamanship will discuss modern electronic navigation and how it relates to traditional methods. They will demonstrate the latest electronic tools including navigation apps on tablets and smart phones to help keep you on the right course.

Getting Your Captain’s License at 2:00 pm

Between the U.S.. Coast Guard requirements for examination, applications, physicals and sea time, getting a captain's license can seem daunting. Join the Annapolis School of Seamanship as they discuss the different license types and outline the process of getting your captain's license, from beginning to end. 

Outboard Engine Basics at 3:00 pm

The experts from Annapolis School of Seamanship will run through the basics of outboard engines. Topics include operation, maintenance, and basic troubleshooting of two-stroke and four-stroke outboards.

Dock ‘n Dine at 4:00 pm

Join Chesapeake Bay Magazine on a trip to some nice harbor-towns with great places to eat. From the C&D Canal south to Solomons, they will offer up places to tie up for a meal, and all of the side trips and anchorages along the way. Explore old favorites and learn about hidden gems, all the while with your feet on the ground at the Bay Bridge Boat Show. 

True Story of "Promising Forecast" – A Miracle Rescue at Sea at 5:00 pm

Friday & Saturday Only

"Promising Forecast" is the true story of five men who start out on a well-planned and exciting deep sea fishing trip that quickly turns into a harrowing experience. Without warning, their boat suddenly sinks 30 miles offshore of New Jersey. Shocked and disoriented, they find themselves helpless in the water for almost 19 hours. All five men are eventually rescued and live to tell their physical, mental and spiritual experiences, and how it affects their lives today. 

No pre-registration necessary but limited seating is available. First come, first served.

Seminar schedule and speakers are subject to change. Show admission required. 

For more information, call Annapolis School of Seamanship at 410-263-8848


Bay Bridge Show
Bay Bridge Marina,
Stevensville, Maryland

Friday, April 21, 2017 
10:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday, April 22, 2017
10:00am - 6:00pm

Sunday, April 23, 2017
10:00am - 5:00pm

Adult One Day - $12
Adult Two Day Combo - $19
Children - 12 & under FREE